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1 2 3 Polk City Directoriesweb site notes that Mike's was established in 1922 (i.e.

during Prohibition) and does not specify how soon they started serving alcohol after the 21st amendment.

It was purchased in 1963 by Joe Rogel and Bernie Minsk, and remains operated by Joe's son Barry at this time.

Barry Rogel has described it as the first post-prohibition tavern in Seattle, though a number of bars make similar claims, and it seems likely that the first would have begun in April 1933 very soon after the Beer and Wine Revenue Act took effect.

The Elite has only been in it's current Olive Way location since December 2007 (although there was briefly an Elite II on Olive, concurrently with the Elite).

But the previous location of the Elite Tavern can trace its background to at least 1935, when when it begins appearing in city guides, and I have seen references to it going back "to prohibition" (i.e.

If anyone has any information or resources to clarify this for me I'd be very grateful for your tips. Tavern was established at 511 NW 65th by 1936 and replaced by the Tin Hat by 1938.

The Tin Hat remained at this location for two decades before moving across the street to 512 in the late 50s (it is listed at 511 in the '58 Polk Guide and at 512 in '59).

The Duchess first appears in city guides at its current address in 1937, although it then disappears from 1938 through 1944.

A photograph in the bar itself is accompanied by a plate dating it to 1934. Originally "Wee Deoch and Doris," which appears in the 1936 city guide, it changed to The Comet in 1945; it appears in the 1935 guide under Duncan Mc Kenzie; the structure was built in 1907 or 1910.

In at least this last move, and perhaps the previous one, the actual building (constructed in 1932) was moved.

It continues to be listed as "Mack's Shanty" into 1960.

I suspect it was around 1933 or 34, but so far I've only found it listed under bars ("Taverns") as early as 1936, and this was at a different address across the street (1453 Ballard Way).

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