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The history of Ministry of Foreign Affairs dates just before independence in 1962 and from 9th October 1962-1966, when it was under the office of the Prime Minister.

In order to achieve the national interests and realise the national vision both in the medium and long term, the revised framework has identified Foreign Policy Priorities that the country must pursue.

The identified priorities include: National Security (Regional and International Peace and Security, Regional Integration, compliance with International Law and International Human Rights obligations, and provision of Protocol and Consular Services); National Prosperity (mobilisation of the Diaspora for development, Oil and Gas Diplomacy, and Economic Diplomacy); and national well being (Public Diplomacy, and institution and capacity building).

Following the provisions of this agreement, the AEAR has set up liaison offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.

On December 26 of the same year, the AEAR and the ICA concluded an agreement for allowing both parties to establish their respective liaison offices in the territory of the other country.

The changes in the international environment have been in the areas of demography; innovation; new media and social networks; environment (climate change); high demand for scarce resources; and changing nature of conflicts and insecurity.

These changes provide Uganda with challenges and opportunities.

The United States government set up the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT/T) as CCNAA’s counterpart and has a Representative Office in Taiwan (AIT/T).

Arranging and scheduling the weekly meetings of the Minister, Vice Ministers and Director Generals, distribution of related meeting minutes, resolutions and decisions, and organization of follow-up meetings. Coordination of communication between the Ministry and the Presidential Office, the Executive Yuan, and other government agencies. Execution of special assignments for the Minister and Vice Ministers, and communication of assignment-related directives to relevant departments. The Coordination Council for North American Affairs (CCNAA) was set up in 1979 in accordance with the administrative decree by the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China in 1979.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Missions abroad have and continue to implement Ugandas Foreign Policy through: Promoting Regional and International Peace and Security; Commercial Diplomacy; Regional Integration; Implementing and Reporting Obligations on International Treaties and Conventions; Mobilizing Bilateral and Multilateral Resources for Development; Providing Protocol and Consular services to Ugandans and Foreign dignitaries as well as enhancing Ugandas image abroad through Public Diplomacy. Solomon Rutega has invited Chinese businesses to take up investment opportunities in Uganda's key sectors, of commercial agriculture; agro-processing; energy; oil and gas; ICT, mining and mineral beneficiation and tourism.

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