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Moreover, if an exception has transpired, the property can be set to True to indicate that the exception should be suppressed.

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The pre-action event handlers are most often used to programmatically assign values to the data source control's parameters.

The post-action event handlers are most commonly used to determine how many rows were affected or to detect if the operation raised an exception. NET 2.0 introduced a number of new Web controls designed for accessing and modifying data.

Parameters are added to the Update Parameters collection from three sources: From the data-bound control, at run time. For example, if the Object Data Source control is bound to a Grid View control that has the columns Name and Number, the parameters for Name and Number are added to the collection. Next, the parameters that are listed in the Update Parameters element are added.

If a parameter in the Update Parameters element is found with the same name as a parameter that is already in the Update Parameters collection, the existing parameter is modified to match the parameter that is specified in the Update Parameters element.

When retrieving or modifying data with the Sql Data Source or Object Data Source controls, pre- and post-action events fire.

By creating event handlers for these events, we can examine the underlying workflow, massage the inputs, and examine the results.

The method is resolved after the parameters are merged.

Method resolution is discussed in the next section.

This article is one in a series of articles on ASP. While point-and-click data access is useful for prototyping and for beginners or hobbyists who have little to no programming experience, wizards and the like are generally frowned upon by more seasoned developers since they typically offer ease of use at the cost of extensibility and customizability. NET 2.0 data source controls, however, provide the best of both worlds, in my opinion - they can be quickly and easily configured to work with data, yet through a myriad of events that are raised during the data source controls' lifecycles, provide the flexibility for use in more advanced scenarios.

The Sql Data Source and Object Data Source controls are the two most commonly used data source controls, and they provide a means for retrieving and modifying data from either a database or object library, respectively.

Similarly named pre- and post-action events fire during the updating, inserting, and deleting processes, as well.

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