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And if you want to make it more awesome, keep this in mind: Living A Life Of Adventure Well that depends on why you’re there… Stop pretending that you don’t give a shit and actually say what you’re thinking. It’s ok if she notices when you intentionally let your hand linger in the small of her back, just a fraction of a second longer than needed.

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But for now, let’s start with the beginning: You walk up to them, one foot after the other. Take your balls in one hand, your dignity in the other, place one foot after the other and walk up to her. She’ll say “No.” If this happens, tell her “That’s a pity because you’re really cute”, wish her a good life, and go and find someone who’s actually interested. She’ll say “Maybe.” If this happens, tell her that maybe she should just give you her phone and maybe you’ll put your number into that because maybe you can see through her thin façade and maybe you know that she actually wants to give it to you but just maybe she wants you to work for it a bit more because maybe that’s just what women do.

Or, any number of 1,000,000 different reasons that are completely out of your control. But if you spend your life waiting for the perfect moment when there’s a stunningly beautiful woman, standing on her own, in the middle of the day time, with no-one for 1000m, and she’s naked, calling your name and begging you to straddle her, you’ll die a miserable and lonely death. You can read it here: How To Approach Women You should recite all kinds of memorised stories to pretend that you’re someone that you’re not. Because I’m sure you love it when a phony salesman walks up to you, flashes a fake smile, and tries to pretend to be your mate so he can get his fingers into your wallet. That would end up with her feeling like she was just interviewed for a job and knows nothing about you. She’s still going to be wondering if you’re some kind of psycho so you have to share something about yourself.

Transform your dating life from average Joe, to complete badass almost overnight with these easy to follow principles. Have an open mind and be prepared to apply this info into your life until you begin to gain consistent results. Be able to create LOVE with any women and build lasting bonds with anyone.

Understand what attraction really is, supported by many years of research from the best experts in the field.

Be given the ability to seduce women powerfully in interactions.

Be blessed with applicable techniques to be able to create desired outcomes from interactions. Take this course if you struggle with social dynamics with the opposite sex.

You stop fucking around with little games to pretend that you’re some kind of cool, fun, awesome guy who she should get naked for and you start to find out what kind of woman she is. Sure, she might the tightest little arse you’ve ever seen.

Do you think she has the most beautiful hair you’ve ever seen? I’m guaranteeing that you’re not going to waste 10 minutes of your life asking about an opinion you don’t really care about, to get her Facebook details so you can invite her to a party you haven’t planned, so that you can watch her make out with your room mate who doesn’t actually bother using rehearsed lines. If you are, you could find out her current level of understanding of the performance issues related to the use of a hybrid battery and its issues with delivering consistent power over sustained periods of travel, then share your knowledge on the advantages of the diesel engine, especially when hauling large loads, and then discuss the various merits of each. You’re there to find out if this woman is compatible with your life. How do you find out if she’s someone you love being around? You treat her in the kind of way that you want to be able to treat the women in your life and you see how she responds.

Am I guaranteeing that she’s going to get on her knees and put your cock in her mouth? I’m guaranteeing that within 20 seconds, you’re going to work out if this is the kind of woman who’s interested in the Man you are or if she’s not. If you are, you could just ask her questions about her chicken experiences and then tell her how your product overcomes all problems she’s ever faced with fried chicken. Are you there to debate the advantages of using hybrid sports wagons on the open road? You ask her questions about her life and what she loves doing.

When she does, call your phone and you’ll have her number.

Also tell her that she better pick up when you call because she only gets 2 chances and then maybe you’re going to start dating her best friend. She’ll say “That sounds great.” If she does this, save her number in your phone, wish her a fond farewell, then call her and say “Hey, I just met this really cool chick and she just gave me her number but I’m not sure whether or not we should meet up. ” “Don’t I need some kind of special technique to get her number? You only need a special technique to trick a woman into giving you her number if she doesn’t want to give you her number and you’re trying to weasel it out of her.

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