Awstats not updating windows not intimidating antonym

So AWStats, considers only HTML pages to count unique visitors.This decrease the error (not totally, because it's always possible that a proxy server download one HTML frame and another one download another frame).

awstats not updating windows-10

by re-running with the new log files (Awstats will automatically skip duplicate entries, for example if you pass a log file that has already been processed).

AWStats is one of the most popular tools for generating web site statistics from server logs, and it's also the one I have selected as a replacement for Google Analytics.

So, if you have only 2000 visits a month, products with no robot detection capabilities will report 2500 visits (A 25% error ! AWStats will report 500 visits from robots and 2000 visits from human visitors.

Sawmill Analytics uses a "currently active" list of robots based on the database.

You still need to setup a schedule for updating the statistics with new data.

AWStats can only parse each log file once, so you'll need to match the schedule with your IIS settings.

I've put it inside my log file format in IIS and include all the required fields, as shown in the following screenshot: If you have old log files you want to parse, now is the right time to do it.

With the help of this Stack Overflow answer, I've come up with the following steps: in all 3 occurrences with your own site name.

* This number is not really the number of browsers detected.

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