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Try to time your date so it falls between regular nursing sessions.

(Some moms have even brought a portable breast pump along on dates to avoid that uncomfortably full feeling, but it's usually easier to just cut your date a little short.) "I had this fear that I was a bad mom for leaving my baby. I thought to myself, 'So she's finally here and you want to go out – how selfish! These feelings are common among first-time mothers.

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“So he joked and said ‘So today congratulations on marrying the best of a bad bunch’.” After three years of trying to fall pregnant naturally, the pair had IVF privately to conceive Ember. They called her Ember because of Edd’s job and she was born near Bonfire Night.

“You don’t imagine that meeting someone random on a TV show will plan the rest of your life out,” said Rodgers.

Simpson continued: “I basically owe it to the fact that I chose his menu over others - even though I don’t even like curry which he had as his main course.

“When we tell people how we met they don’t believe us.” Rodgers added: “You never go on one of those shows thinking ‘oh I’m going to find someone forever’ let alone your wife - and the mother of your child. “If it wasn’t for ‘Dinner Date’ we would never have our lovely little daughter and we can’t imagine life without her now.” ‘Dinner Date’ involves a single man or woman picking three blind dates based on menus put together by hopeful singles who cook for them in their own home.

As one Baby Center member put it, "If couples don't continue to reconnect during the years their kids are young (and still at home), where do you think those couples end up when the kids leave the house?

" It may take more planning than before your baby arrived, but going out on a date together is worth the effort. On your first date night away from your baby, you may feel most comfortable asking your mother, mother-in-law, or a close friend to babysit."My new granddaughter was crying her head off, and I couldn't find a nipple and ring to fit her bottle," says veteran grandmother Kathy Bradford."I finally found one, but it was frustrating not to have it right when I needed it." If you're breastfeeding and haven't introduced the bottle yet, you'll probably want to nurse right before you leave and as soon as you return home.“It was a bit odd because he didn’t have a dining room so had to stick a table in the middle of his lounge,” said Simpson.The shows see the ‘winner’ asked on a second date at a restaurant - while the two losers get a ready meal delivered to their door.That way, you won't end up racing home in a panic because she was rocking the baby and didn't hear the phone.

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