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People sometimes think of an upgrade install as only applying to the previous version of the OS; that is, you can upgrade OS X Mountain Lion to OS X Mavericks, but not an older version, such as OS X Snow Leopard.

This actually is incorrect; with OS X upgrade installs, you can skip over versions of the operating system, jumping from just about any older version to a newer one.

I highly recommend having both a Time Machine or other conventional backup of your Mac, as well as a clone of your startup drive.

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The Mavericks installer will display the drive icon for your startup drive.

If you have multiple drives attached to your Mac, you will also see a button labeled Show All Disks. The upgrade method of installing OS X Mavericks shouldn't take too long.

Click Chat or Call to contact support and request Mavericks.

For Backups- always back up your laptop, update or no update- but especially when you are updating. “It just works” is a myth and a marketing gimmick- Macs break down all the time and now they get viruses too.

This process replaces most system files with new ones from Mavericks, but leaves your personal files and most preferences and apps alone.

When the upgrade install is complete and Mavericks is up and running, all of your important data will be right where you left it, ready for you to use.

An upgrade install also offers at least two benefits over a standard install; it's a simple process, and it retains almost all of your settings, files, and apps from the version of OS X that you're currently using.

You may be wondering what the phrase "almost all" in the above sentence means.

Don't forget to create a current backup of your Mac before proceeding.

When you purchase OS X Mavericks from the Mac App Store, the installer will be downloaded to your Mac and placed in the Applications folder.

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