Being single better than dating

Added bonus: when you're unattached, you have no obligation to go to anyone's boring work parties but your own.Relationships have the potential to bring us lots of love and happiness, but when you open up emotionally to someone, it also opens the door to be hurt or betrayed by your partner one day.

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Your worth isn't defined by your relationship status, so it doesn't matter if you're single, dating, or taken — as long as you're happy, that's all that matters.

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If you can't stand the thought of being cheated on or lied to, it might be better to remain single until you're ready for the emotional vulnerability relationships require.

Don't get me wrong: you can be in a relationship and still be independent and have the freedom to do your own thing.

Why does the other side always seem to be having so much more fun?

Is it an optical illusion that we mortals fall for all the time, or is it just something that we are born with, something like a seventh sense that always makes us want to stray.

Still-sweltering temperatures aside, fall is officially here — which means the beginning of cuffing season, when singles flock to dating apps to find a partner to cozy up with during the long winter months.

If you're single and starting to feel serious pressure to settle down and enter romantic hibernation, don't fret: although being coupled up definitely has its perks, there are still of good reasons to stay single, too.

Choosing to stay single until you're happy on your own shows real maturity, and will lead you to a stronger, healthier relationship down the road.

Cuddling with someone every single night sounds fun in theory, but when you're dating a blanket-snatcher or a chronic snorer, you'll wistfully reminisce on your single days.

Your friends tell you about the parties they’ve been to lately and they rattle out a long list of one night stands and flings, talk about the game or the shopping spree you missed with them.

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