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He read only medical texts or Penthouse, while Monica was a bookworm five years older than him. At the edge of the dance floor, Monica's 8-year-old niece, Emily, looked at me like I was a fascinating alien. I started a novel about Monica and our dual transformations.

But to make a living, she'd gone to nursing school and begun working in a hospital, so considering that she enjoyed sharing gross details of gall bladders, heart attacks, and meningitis like my brother did, I figured they'd be pals. Monica arrived at my apartment for dinner overly made up in a blue silk dress. I couldn't bear our usual boy talk when the stud was my little brother. Meanwhile, Monica had four kids, emulating Mom's trio of boys and one lone girl, and becoming the kind of daughter my mother always wanted.

I consoled myself that I was a careerist; she was just a housewife and mommy.

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I felt edged out, like she'd stolen my place, and I was horrified I was so easily erased.

Monica seemed to get everything: successful doctor husband, babies, my parents' adoration.

I suddenly felt grateful to Monica, who fulfilled the role of Midwest mommy, while I'd basked in the big-city lights.

The best present I ever gave my folks was sending them the replacement womb to carry their grandchildren.

It seemed that all she wanted was the opposite of her twice-divorced, chain-smoking, inebriated father.

She took me to parties with the literati and introduced me to her father's agent and Larry David, his biggest fan, who soon after parodied my 25th birthday party on the Seinfeld episode "The Stakeout." I finally got to meet her dad, too.We were both tall, broad-shouldered brunettes with big mouths and big feet. Send it to my editor at Cosmo." Overjoyed by my first national publication, I gave Monica the red blazer and pink scarf Mom had sent me for my birthday.When I heard her father was the acclaimed novelist Richard Yates, I begged for details. To my surprise and fascination, Monica trashed my penchant for all-black clothes, lefty politics, and suffering poets, rebelling against the poor artistic types she grew up with.Both of them lied to me about their relationship for an entire year, so needless to say, I was terribly hurt.It wasn’t just that they lied to me for a year, but that they told all of our mutual friends months before I knew, so I was made to look like an idiot.When they all visited New York recently, I had a playdate with my niece, Dara.

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