Bitdefender antivirus plus v10 updating

But when my results don't jibe with the findings of the labs, I yield to the labs.Bitdefender's premium antivirus, along with the suite products, runs by default in Auto Pilot mode, meaning that as much as possible it takes care of security without bothering the user.

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Only Avast, AVG Anti Virus Free, Bitdefender, and ESET show up in the test results of all five of the labs that I follow.

Bitdefender's excellent performance yields an aggregate lab score of 9.3 points.

Tested with this same collection of samples, Webroot managed 100 percent detection and a perfect 10 points.

Avast detected 100 percent of my previous collection and earned 9.7 points.

You can turn off Auto Pilot in the premium products, but not in the free edition.

I observed that in several cases, it silently killed off a malware process and cleaned up its traces, occasionally triggering an error message from Windows about its inability to access the file.

In a few cases the cleanup was more thorough, but not enough to change the score.

A detection rate of 90 percent isn't tip-top, nor is an overall score of 8.8 points.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (2017) includes all the core malware-fighting components of Bitdefender's paid edition, but without the vast collection of additional security features.

This product has gone several years without an update; the latest edition is now compatible with Windows 10. During the process, it downloads the latest version and scans for active malware.

Bitdefender took Advanced in all five tests; only Kaspersky Anti-Virus has matched that feat recently.

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