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He moved her in next door and told our kids she was the gay neighbor.

He tried to come back home many times but I was so disgusted.

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She has slept with several married men, and men with girlfriends. Well she asked if she could stay the night…she’s my friend, so yeah of course! One night when he was asleep I unlocked his phone and he had a message from Bree saying “Anything for you daddy 😈”. I ended up moving out two months later, as soon as I moved out they started riding together to the bar, she started staying at his house (even found a pair of her panties in his room SMH), and she blocked me on all social media and my number because she knows I’m going to beat her homewrecking ass. It’s also sad that she does drugs while taking care of the elderly.

Later on that night, I catch my boyfriend in my daughter’s bed with Bree. This girl is the BIGGEST BACKSTABBER I have EVER come in counter with. So, this b**** and I used to work together, as well as my man. she literally slept w at least half a dozen guys just at our work place, plus more she was meeting (and bragging about) off plenty of fish for one night stands.

This tramp Julia Suarez is a mother of two daughters and a son….

Well how well is she teaching her kids when they are the ones that will have to live with the gossip of their mother sleeping with married men…

I am an easy going, success minded, yet free spirit individual. I love art, music, traveling, nature, ocean, good authentic cooking, and everything good that life has to offer.....

My husband had a 6 month affair and secret apartment after meeting this woman Jalinda Sallee, we were together 16 years, raised 3 blended family kids and had 2 kids together.

My husband and I where suppose to work on things while this woman decided she needed to get between the sheets with my husband…. not sleeping, not eating, and neglecting my girls which he’s not calling!

a week after we make plans she tells him to make something up and leave me… I drive back this time with my oldest she stated I want to see my daddy!

This little girl and her whole family ruined her ex by getting pregnant with his kid, and sleeping with other guys while they were together, getting a restraining order on said ex by lying under oath with her family to back it up, and keeping her ex on a thread by promising him they will get back together and be a family while she is screwing the town of Elk City.

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