Casual skype sex

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Swiping, messaging, ghosting, texting, laughing, crying... I live in the greater Charlotte area but I’m open to relocating, maybe west? I’ve been here for 14 years so I’m down for a change. I like exploring places, talking to people, camping, cooking, and more.

I dig somebody who’s chatty, witty, and who’s attentive. I am 19 years old and a college student in Arizona currently on summer break.

I am looking for is someone that is into the same/similar games/hobbies.

Around my age (18-25), living within the US or somewhere close preferably. If any of this interested you, feel free to PM with a bit of info about yourself, and a picture if you want to share one. This happened yesterday after dating someone briefly. I feel so alone, isolated, and worthless right now.

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