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For a taste of the freshest coffee in Costa Rica, travel to the highlands surrounding San José where you can visit local coffee plantations.Often bunched together due to ease of travel between them, these three truly have something for everyone - from party vibes in sunny Cancún and perfect Caribbean beaches to Indigenous Mayan communities and lush rainforests.

Why not explore the cobblestoned streets and awe-inspiring cathedrals in Guatemala and Costa Rica? We'll have you exploring ancient Mayan ruins, trekking through rainforests and catching the sunshine in no time!

Encounter a plethora of color as you wander the streets of Havana filled with classic cars parked in colonial squares, explore the historic city of Cienfuegos and party the night away at a local salsa club in this incredible country.

The climate of Luxembourg is best described as moderate — the average July temperature is 17.5 Celsius (63.5 Fahrenheit) and the average for January is 0.8 Celsius (33.4 Fahrenheit). Cities in North America with similar (though wetter) weather are Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle, Washington.

Look here for current Luxembourg weather conditions (courtesy of the Weather Channel).

The most popular destination is the spectacular fortress City of Luxembourg itself.

The view above shows Luxembourg City around 1858, before the dismantling of major portions of the fortress in accordance with the Treaty of London of 1867 and before the building of the railroad viaduct that now sweeps around the town.

Henri married Maria Teresa Mestre on February 14, 1981.

The royal couple have five children: Crown Prince Guillaume (1981), Félix (1984), Louis (1986), Alexandra (1991), and Sébastien (1992).

Take on a life changing volunteer projects or explore the area a hop-on-hop-off bus pass!

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