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So glad I didn’t dismiss Boucheron before really giving her a chance. Very alike Gloria Vanderbilt Vanderbilt but freshier at start. On the one hand it genuinely smelled expensive and elegant in the classic feminine manner I adore.

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Boucheron for women is a symbol of splendour, tradition and elegance, a classic floral oriental fragrance.

I am a sucker for nostalgic perfumes, and for fellow vintage lovers, Boucheron EDP is an absolute must for your collection.

Be warned though, this lady is not an open book, you must get to know her slowly.

I couldn't believe my scent memory took me there but yes, I smell this and I think smutty.

I think bongs for sale and I think of rows upon rows of cheap lingerie and rubber/ vinyl "toys".It has enough going on to keep you interested as it unfolds this way and that over the course of it's wear.It's smoldering and powdery and the florals are thick.Homme version much freshier and minty My first experience with Boucheron occurred on a joyful testing spree at Nordstrom about six years ago. It puzzled me, the beginning perfume explorer, even while simultaneously beguiling as well.(Word to the wise - the same thing happened to me with Knowing, Youth Dew, Chanel No 5, and countless other classics shortly after.I enjoy this actually, it’s a texture I wasn’t expecting in this otherwise sweet and warm composition and it’s all the more original for it.

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