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(The date would have involved tennis lessons and a trip to Magic Mountain.) All I can ask: is there a Dating Game in hell?For fun, watch the Dating Game footage and substitute all of Alcala's sexual innuendos with murder innuendos.

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And I was coming up to the end of the trail and was in sight of the houses. And he was -- I noticed him because he was not dressed in workout clothes.

But the trail had been so populated that, in my mind, I just kept thinking that I only needed to be -- I would fight for a little while, because the trail was so populace. KING: So it was a bright day and a populated trail.

And I took my right elbow and I -- I bashed him in the nose.

And I managed to get one hand on the ground, my left hand.

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Rodney James Alcala was on the Dating Game in the 1970's.A onetime contestant on "The Dating Game" was sentenced to die Tuesday for murdering four women and a child, Orange County, California, officials said.Rodney Alcala, 66, was convicted in February in the deaths of Robin Samsoe, Jill Barcomb, Georgia Wixted, Charlotte Lamb and Jill Parentau.On the show he referred to himself as "The Banana." (He insisted that the bachelorette should try and peel him.) Alcala also murdered 5 people in the `70's. Yesterday, a California jury recommended the death penalty for the 66-year old man who once appeared on the Dating Game.Did the Dating Game, with it's cheesy Three's Company sexual double entendres, drive this man to murder? He threw me down on to the ground and he pinned me to the ground. And at one point, he picked me up by my shoulders and he started shaking me, the way you're not supposed to shake a child.

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