Color blind dating service

It will introduce keyboard shortcuts to make navigation easier for the blind.

And it will add alternative text to better describe images for visitors who cannot see them.

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Color blind dating service product of aewebworks dating software

In combination, these features will make browsing Pornhub much easier for the blind and visually impaired—no small feat for a site that relies so much on imagery.“The screen-reader technology that blind people use can’t yet read or analyze pictures,” says Chris Danielsen, director of public relations for the National Federation of the Blind.

“At the very least, there need to be alt-tags that describe the image enough so that a blind person knows what the function of the image is.

It’s been reported that porn will be one of the biggest content offerings driving demand for VR.

But what actually goes into making the porn experience full dimensional and real for the viewer?

The diversity of appearances of Russian girls is striking too.

An important note for you: ‘Russian women’ is a general term for girls from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

But while omitting redundant details makes sense for sighted internet users, it leaves blind visitors without much to go on.

It’s the difference between “A school trip to the American Museum of Natural History,” and “A group of teenagers stand next to each other looking up at a giant fiberglass model of a blue whale at the American Museum of Natural History.”It’s also critical for functional icons, like shopping carts, to explain exactly what they are to users who can’t see them.

Brent Rose goes on set of a VR porn production shoot to find out how porn is evolving with new technology.

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