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The investigation springboards into an exploration of religion, politics, immigration and the trustworthiness of vaunted institutions.

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(She can jump really high and punch people through walls, but she’d really rather just sit by herself and brood, ideally with a bottle at hand.) The second season promises to delve into Jessica’s past, but the biggest question is whether showrunner Melissa Rosenberg can come up with a big bad as threatening – and as interesting – as David Tennant’s mind-controlling Kilgrave was in season one.

Collateral There’s the whodunit and then there’s the systemic whodunit.

We need to see your lips.” Alias Grace Another NOW cover story subject is bowing on Netflix this month: Sarah Polley’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel about a 19th century teenage housemaid (Sarah Gadon) who spent decades in prison for murdering her employers (Paul Gross and Anna Paquin).

When the series premiered at TIFF (ahead of its Canadian broadcast premiere on CBC), NOW critic Radheyan Simonpillai lauded Gadon's exhilarating performance as a “memorable character whose lingering unknowability is her greatest strength.” Steve Jobs When Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle’s biopic about the Apple founder came out in 2015, it followed two other films about the vaunted tech exec, who died at age 56 in 2011.

Roxanne Roxanne March is a big month on Netflix for hip-hop fans.

In addition to Rapture, a docuseries profiling eight rappers, and the RZA-directed Azealia Banks vehicle Love Beats Rhymes, we’re getting a biopic about one of the genre’s seminal figures, Roxanne Shanté. O., Roxanne’s Revenge, became an underground hit and sparked the Roxanne Wars of the 1980s.

Director Mijke de Jong’s coming-of-age film about Dutch-Moroccan teen Layla (Nora El Koussour), who's sick and tired of dealing with Islamophobia and xenophobia in Amsterdam, premiered in the Toronto International Film Festival’s Platform program in 2016 and received a theatrical run in the U. Ru Paul’s Drag Race (season 9) We were so into the drag queen competition series last year that we did two different covers for our drag-focused Pride issue featuring season 9 queens Shea Couleé and Sasha Velour.

It also felt like the right moment: the show had hit a new level of cultural zeitgeist after moving to U. cable network VH1, and the season delivered with memorable celebrity guests, meme-able moments, extra shocking eliminations and the now-infamous line: “This is a lip sync for your life.

.99 per month says it’s likely to be just as messy as the first two.

Santa Clarita Diet (season 2) Having given the world the cult delights of Andy Richter Controls The Universe and Better Off Ted, Victor Fresco went even further with the blank cheque of a Netflix series: a bloody fantastic zombie comedy in which Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant play Sheila and Joel Hammond, a pair of undistinguished suburban California realtors whose career and marriage are reinvigorated rather messily when she develops a taste for human flesh.

Whether the study proved ordinary people will act authoritarian if given a chance has been debated, but one thing is for certain: the story makes for an intense movie.

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