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The RTVDAT command allows you to input a date to a command and receive back the same date in various formats.



If a specific date is entered, it must be in job format. ** is the default and means use the century based on the date.

For example, if the date 101506 is entered (job format of *MDY), a century of 2006 is assumed.

The other parameters are all return variables and are described previously.

Restrictions ------------ ** The RTVDAT command can only be used in a CL program.

A year of 40 - 99 is considered to be the 20th century.

A year of 00 - 39 is considered to be the 21st century. If a different century is needed, use the CENTURY parameter.

The latest extension contract is now expected to receive the Commission's "green light".

The contract extends the concession deal until 2046.

Külön is meg lehet határozni a cikk címét és a megjelenést, ekkor a link (wikipédiacikk címe) és az alt (megjelenés) paramétereket használjuk. az orosz, ukrán és belarusz játékosok esetén, ahol a cikkben nem akarjuk megjeleníteni az apai nevüket is.

A delay in a necessary approval by the EU's Competition Committee (DG Comp) of a 20-year extension to the concession agreement for the Athens International Airport proved beneficial for the Greek state, with the ultimate compensation doubled.

The RTVDAT2 TAA Tool provides a similar function, but is designed to be accessed directly from a HLL program.

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