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Our hotline mailing lists allow you to market to prospects with major life event changes.New records are added monthly making these lists ideal for ongoing marketing campaigns.As a result, Oracle says, Oracle Database In-Memory enables users to do ad hoc analysis on live transactional data while still improving OLTP speeds.

If you want your direct marketing strategy to drive more business, then quality data is your answer.

From retailers to realtors, Experian’s data helps businesses of all sizes deliver data-driven marketing.

Under the SQL query umbrella, there are several extensions of the language, including My SQL, Oracle SQL and Nuo DB.

Query languages for other types of databases, such as No SQL databases and graph databases, include Cassandra Query Language (CQL), Neo4j's Cypher, Data Mining Extensions (DMX) and XQuery. Primarily, queries are used to find specific data by filtering specific criteria.

Learn why you shouldn’t get distracted by new DB technology, how Facebook is using a RDBMS to do the data slicing and dicing they can’t in Hadoop, and more.

Query languages are used to make queries in a database, and Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard.

Storing data in a server's main memory instead of on disk lets in-memory databases facilitate faster response times to database queries by avoiding the I/O latency that results from having to pull the required data off of a disk drive.

Oracle Database In-Memory is designed to accelerate 12c's performance in analytics, reporting and online transaction processing (OLTP) applications alike.

A query is a question, often expressed in a formal way.

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