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We argued way more when we were dating than we ever do now.

Take note if you date wants you to come along when they “go to fill”. A time to be together which may thrill or confuse you.

Where they like to take you or go on dates tells you so much.

So don’t get serious until you watch them do a few things first.

We’ve determined that while you’re dating, watching your potential mate make decisions in the following 3 areas tells you a lot: If your date doesn’t see the value in dining out now, that’s not likely to change after you marry. Do they always have to pick the place based on cost?

Will they drive past multiple stations that look perfectly fine to you to find their brand? I love Kum & Go and the fuel points reward program.

It adds up so I can get the family treats so I don’t care about Bethany’s Diet Cokes anymore.Do they have to go inside and buy something every time they fill with gas? (And shocked.) What do they grab when they go inside for a purchase?Is it something to enjoy in the car now or something practical for later? Does your date always fill at the same gas station?If your boyfriend or girlfriend won’t discuss money openly, we recommend you reconsider how serious your relationship should be.Maybe they have something to hide or maybe it’s not the right timing for them.If you like what you see on those three points, consider taking your relationship to next level, by both of you taking our free Money Personality Assessment.

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