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• Some fatherless women would avoid being swayed by subtle hints of flattery and remain focused on the character of men.

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Back to the main topic at hand…here are the questions this young lady posed to me:1.

How do women who were raised in fatherless household view relationships? Do they seek companionship from a man to fill voids?

Their expectations of others will always be HIGH, especially their MEN. They want to be taken care of despite their status or accomplishments. Yes, they deserve all of those things, but some may have issues accepting the care and love.

They may not even realize what they want is right under their nose, but they have a hard time receiving the love.

It is because of our (men’s) selfish choices of making babies and not maturing/parenting these children, that has led us to such a significant amount of drama in modern-day relationships.

Imagine if casual sex had minimized/stopped in the early 1980’s and 90’s and men remained a part of the family household.As a result, we have created a relational pattern of seek and conquer versus love and patience.(I through this blurb in for the men so this entry wouldn’t be so one-sided ).If you know of either positive or negative stories because of a fatherless environment, please post your responses.I am interested in your experiences because I believe they can assist someone who may have gone through something similar.You can always post anonymously if you wish to protect your identity.

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