Dating gold hallmarks

It was mandatory until 1999, but can be voluntarily applied alongside the compulsory marks.

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Once all letters have been used, the font is then changed.

These are a branding that depict the metal that is in the article. This is an international treaty that encourages the cross border trading of precious metals.

This mark shows which Assay Office in the UK tested and hallmarked the item.

There are currently 4 offices which are in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Sheffield.

A few optional marks are sometimes added onto pieces at the Sponsor's request.

These include: This marks tells us the year that the item was hallmarked.

It's not possible to discover the precious metal content of these alloys just by looking at them.

Because of this, each item of jewellery made of precious metals is tested and then hallmarked.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, importers and more can all be sponsor’s.

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