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You have only a few choices when it comes to selecting someone as a personal companion.

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I am trying to imagine what it is like to be a female military officer.

The two qualities (female and officer) seem to have an innate conflict.

Having dated an infantryman myself, I have some experience in this arena; from date nights to nights in, three day weekends that you wish would last forever, and all the rest, your man will always have your back.

At the end of the day, you have ups and downs just like any relationship, and you’ll (probably) always love each other.

Perhaps, but it sounds like such a person is a lot harder to find.

Indeed the civilian male stereotype is similar to the male officer one rather than mimicking the female civilian.

It also depends a lot on your understanding with the guy.

I had the benefit of knowing about academy life and my boyfriend prepared me well for the difficult time ahead.

Then how do you manage a relationship with all this?

About the marriage part, it’s a long long way into the future. 3 years in NDA and additional 1 at IMA, INA or AFA. Basically it’s a long wait and if you’re having second thoughts, please discuss openly with your guy.

You could have a relationship with another officer, but that offers its own problems.

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