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After initial discussions about what leadership topics I should cover, we committed to a few priority topics, and then I suggested that I talk about love. Even if we take the hotel out of hospitality, it remains a people-centered industry.Enlightened leaders share the vision that people drive this business.

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Author of "Start Reverse to go Beyond Customer Satisfaction". Regarding Retail Leadership I recall another conversation I had with Ingvar Kamprad way back in 1993.

I was leading 400 sales team members in IKEA Brent Park.

One of the solutions we offer to gain insights in thinking and behavioral preferences is Emergenetics.

By answering scientifically and statistically proven... Last year I designed and played pop-up Escape Rooms with teams from different companies, ranging from telecom providers at KPN to coffee blenders at Douwe Egberts, from managers at Le Pain Quotidien to those at Mazda Europe and Schiphol Airport, and - mostly - for GM’s from Hotel collections like Accor, Apollo, and Carlton. Listen to the interview (in Dutch) on Amsterdam FM radio with Andre Wiringa, CXO and Managing Partner at Performance Solutions. On june 2, 2018 our colleague and Experience Engineer Jeroen van der Schenk shared his story about 'reverse engineering' the renovation process of...

Retail isn’t a game where you can win by doing a good job for a few days, or even a few weeks or months. It’s about delivering a great experience day after day, hour after hour, every single time, for every single visitor. After multiple international and global retail leadership positions (at Habitat, Nike, Nokia, IKEA and Apple), Crosbie decided to focus on (strategic) retail consultancy and concept development.

In his last role as Senior Vice President Global Retail at Prism Skylabs, Crosbie has...

You get a response every now and again, but rarely from anyone you actually want to date.

Even worse, you’ve been ghosted so many times your bros have started calling you Casper.

Even so, there’s a massive difference between being greeted by a baseball-capped, denim-shirted egalitarian millennial and being ushered in by an attendant wearing a three-piece suit and lapel pin. Millennials are often thought of as job hoppers; however, that is a misconception.

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