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You need to make sure you discuss all the details and possibilities with an English-speaking IFA (see question 9).

Also consider that if, like mine, your partner is a non-native English speaker, you will want a policy with a reputable company that won’t become evasive in the event that you pass away.

He went above and beyond, answering my emails at all hours, helping me fill out the forms and ensuring I understood every aspect of this type of insurance.

The insurance component pays a stated amount upon death of the insured.

The investment component accumulates a cash value that the policyholder can withdraw or borrow against. The main task is filling out the forms, which require your medical history and personal information such as where you live and what you do for work.

Secondly, companies like AIA employ reps that aren’t qualified IFA’s.

In short, they do not give advice based on what is best for your situation, personally and financially.

But needless to say this new phase of my life means being more responsible, and part of that responsibility means thinking about what would happen to my wife and daughter if I were to suddenly close my account, so to speak.

And perhaps if I’d married the daughter of a billionaire, I wouldn’t either.

He does all the work involved in getting a quote for a premium, and once the information has been sent back, the recipient doesn't even reply. Please have the courtesy to see the communications through, whether you take out a policy or not.

Only contact him if you are serious; otherwise this reflects badly on me, and of course wastes his valuable time.

A life insurance policy will enable you to stipulate what you want to be paid to your loved ones when you die, allowing you to account for things like the mortgage, money for your child’s university fees and money for your partner to support the family.

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