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Drawing room manners are out of place in an office,and you are not expected to jump to your feet and hold a chair for your secretary every time she comes into your office. This puts your relationship on a more personal basis. A trained secretary will keep your papers in folders. Written contracts are not always more binding () than oral contracts.

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Some months ago it was decided that the Company would have to build an extension to the present factory. Norman Phillipson, was called in, and given the job. (Industrial Development Certificate), which is granted, given, by the Board of Trade.

Executory contracts, on the contrary (), are those where something remains () to be done. The Company is expanding, and the present factory is rapidly becoming too small to cope with the increase in production.

Who is responsible for the submission of a Memorandum of Association and other documents to the Registrar of companies when the company is set up and the publication of annual account.

British company law requires a limited company to have a company secretary.

When a private company is bought by the state and brought into the public sector it is nationalized in a process of nationalization. When the state returns a company to the private sector it is privatised. The commonest type of firm in the UK is private limited company.

Sector is sometime used to mean industry in the same way, particularly by specialist, but it is more often used to talk about different parts of the economy in combinations such as public sector and private sector, or about types of business in expressions like service sector and manufacturing sector.

All collection of management techniques and philosophy now called total quality management (TQM).

Parts are made only as they are needed and supplied to the next production stage literally [] () just in time.

He is in charge of the day-to-day running of the company.

The shareholders elect a Board of Directors, and the directors appoint one of Managing Director.

It will be irrevocable letter of credit case its most secure and trusted method.

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