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The trio went to Bruges and Hunter acted as distraction to Scarlotti and his mercenaries as the women crashed through the windows of the safe house and engaged them in a battle.

At the Playground, Hunter was among the senior agents assembled as Phil Coulson gave the new mission: to find the city that matched the Words of Creation before HYDRA did.

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After settling in at a safehouse, Hunter was surprised to find Leo Fitz appearing on Coulson's personal tablet.

After Hunter, Coulson and Peterson used the Quinjet to help Leo Fitz escape from Gonzales' agents, they informed him of their plan to use Grant Ward to gain access to HYDRA and question Wolfgang von Strucker and Dr.

They eventually learned that Morse had left the base with Melinda May; however, that was impossible as the real Melinda May left the base a few minutes afterwards.

Hunter was a lieutenant in the Special Air Service (SAS) of the British Armed Forces.

When the escape pod finally came ashore, Hunter found Phil Coulson waiting for him at a beach bar.

Coulson, Ward, Hunter, Fitz and 33 watched the mission unfold from Peterson's video feed in his cybernetic eye.

When he saw her disfigured face that looked exactly like Melinda May, he was horrified; Skye explained that she was formerly Agent 33.

Ward explained they had traced the tracker in Raina to find her.

Before they could begin drinking, Leo Fitz told a story about telling a girl that he loved her only to find out she did not return his feelings before she left him alone.

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