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A Lady who is not afraid to say what she feels but also willing to agree to disagree - never go to bed angry.

pretend to come from: United States/Wisconsin/Madison birth: 1963-08-09 height/weight: 183cm/91kg email: [email protected]: 2007-05-06 I dont jugde myself people jugde me...

) email: [email protected]: 2007-05-09 I am a very warm, extremely affectionate and very caring person, who is not afraid to either show or express, in many ways, those feelings.

I am very energetic and love to be out of the house doing things, whether planned or spontaneous.

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As food is needed for the body, them same way love is needed for the soul.

Food strengthens the body while love strengths the soul. Some say love is life, but love without hope and faith is an agonizing death, People need love the most when they deserve it the least, Dedicate your life to God, though choose carefully who you dedicate your love to. pretend to come from: United States/Alstead birth: 1957-04-04 height/weight: 188cm/136kg (!

) email: [email protected]: 2007-04-28 Life without Love is like a harp without strings, I am a very considerate person , cheerful, honest and i always like to be myself at all times.

I like reading good books, chatting and making new friends and i dont allow the issue of race difference stop me from making friends.

) email: [email protected]: 2007-04-29 I am a loving caring man that loves to do things that please my partner.

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