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The just arrived in Monfalcone from the ship builder Fincantieri’s shipyard in Marghera on March 14th for its hull to be prepared for painting.

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This waste was pumped back into the graywater system rather than being processed as oily bilge waste.

Neither of these practices were truthfully recorded in the oil record book as required.

The most talked about statistic was that over 25 million passengers around the world will be welcomed on board cruise ships this year.

But there was a troubling undercurrent at the convention.

The Il Piccolo article mentions the concerns of a "polluting event at sea." Painting operations have been suspended as of the date of the article.

The Harbor Master 's Office and the Public Prosecutor 's Office have obtained samplings of the contaminated waters.

This comes after complaints from environmental groups, protests from local residents, and warnings from UNESCO which has labeled the fragile city of Venice as at risk from deterioration by large ships as well as the millions of tourists which swarm into the popular city.

My family visited Venice during a trip to Italy last year (photo below).

But you won't read any reference to magic pipes and falsified log books in the PR release by the cruise industry's trade organization, Cruise Line International Association ("CLIA").

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