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I see him at best three times a month and, at worst, once a month.

He has an army of gorgeous, vivacious models/celebrities at his beck and call. I guess my fear is turning on the news and seeing he's engaged to someone more special and less difficult than me.

Jean: Two years ago I fell in love with a legendary superstar when he walked into an exhibition I was having in New York City.

author Elle Stanger is a feminist writer, podcast host, mother, non-monogamous ex-wife, and slut, who entertains the masses in Portland, OR.

She prefers organic food, dark beer, and self-actualized individuals.

Strippers need to be able to dance -- so if you want a gig in this industry, you'll need at least a couple basic stage moves.

If the waitress is texting while taking your coffee order, it's rude, and if the car salesperson is yelling at their boyfriend in the finance office, it's bad sales.

When I do manage to meet someone, we have dinner, then—nothing. So yearning to shag a guy you love while shagging a guy you just picked up..is not the finest way to, as you say, "make it happen."Which brings me to about the best dating tip I've offered in my 19 years as an advice columnist: Never go to dinner on the first date.

Go anywhere—the juke joint, the pool hall, the sculpture garden at the museum—but, by God, steer clear of restaurants! Even the friendly neighborhood café is a battlefield of expectation, vanity, disappointment, and nerves. If you're filing taxes, you can claim all work-related purchases as write-offs.But doing so means losing money, hurting yourself, getting in arguments, or being at a terrible disadvantage should an abusive situation arise.You can't control what he does any more than Frida Kahlo could control Diego Rivera.Thus, you may do anything you like with the old codger—love him, leave him, paint his buttocks green.As a stripper of seven years, I know that my chosen work is not for everyone.

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