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You can adjust the amount up to 14 or delete this key and it will be set to hard coded max of 14.

To resolve this, the permissions will need to be corrected on the target folder and any Parent Folders so the installation can access these location.

Microsoft has encountered this issue with a number of programs and has many helpful tips to resolve this issue.

You can then drag and drop the file or folder you intend to reset permissions on over the top of this application in order to reset the permissions for it.

If done correctly, a prompt displaying the text OK will pop up.

Return to Top Error 1152: 'error extracting *to the temporary location' during installation This error indicates that there was a problem during the extraction process of the installer package.

This trouble is normally caused by a corrupt download of the installation file being run.

So the above fix does not work for Windows Vista and 7 machines.

However, the error is likely being caused by a default limitation that is set on Windows Vista and 7 machines.

The best option at this point is to contact technical support team of the manufacturer of the device with this problem and request assistance with the reparation of this issue.

VIPRE will not be able to install if this problem is present.

A quick and easy tool can be used to achieve this is Inherit.exe, which can be found attached to the bottom of this article.

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