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Social – While the single-player story is interesting, it’s Star Citizen’s “social” persistent universe that is attracting the most attention. Become a trader and earn your fortune by exchanging valuable goods.

Like rival title EVE Online, Star Citizen offers space combat, trading and the thrill of exploring an environment populated by many other players. The scope is mind-boggling, but it’s important to remember that EVE Online has been doing this kind of thing for over a decade now, too.

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Then came Arena Commander, a combat simulation where players fight either other players or AI.

This aspect of the game lays the foundations for Star Citizen’s real space combat, and even includes a racing mode.

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For a game that hasn’t officially released yet, Star Citizen has certainly gobbled up plenty of column inches since its 2011 inception.

Star Citizen is, at the time of writing, the most successful crowdfunded video game of all time.

Back in 2012 Roberts and his team set up their own crowdfunding system as well as a Kickstarter campaign, and by the close of the year had raised a whopping .2 million.

Într-o imagine, aceasta este surprinsă cu mâinile la ceafă şi cu pieptul înainte, iar în a doua este prezentată aplecată pentru ca fotograful să-i poată suprinde formele.

Pe spatele imaginilor este scris ,, Pe plaja lacului Wolfgang, august 1943''. RO pe FACEBOOK » Conținutul website-ului destinat exclusiv informării și uzului dumneavoastră personal.

The likes of Gary Oldman (Harry Potter), Gillian Anderson (X-Files), Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) have all signed on to add their voices and digital likenesses to the game, which will be split into episodic chapters, with the first offering around 20 hours of gameplay.

Related: E3 – What we’d like to see The campaign is expected to last around 70 hours in total, featuring space combat and first-person shooter sections.

Experts in gaming history will know the name Chris Roberts.

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