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A reliable estate agent can save you a lot of time and effort by arranging viewings of suitable properties.

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Recruitment Agencies CFBT Education Services & Partners LLC 24 481938 Ideas Management Consultants 24 791876 Modern Centre for Business Services 24 482 283 Muscat Consultancy Services SAOG 24 796 636 National Training Institute 24 605273 Oman Resources Development 24 693501There is a good range of international banks in Oman, all of which offer standard facilities such as current, deposit and savings accounts, ATM facilities, chequebooks, credit cards and loans.

Keep your eyes on the banking sector over the coming year, as with the property market opening up to expats, you should see a great deal of development in terms of mortgages and finance.

This will be charged at the control point when you leave the country.

In extreme cases you may not even be allowed to leave Oman until you have applied for an extension.

Expat workers come to Oman for various reasons, primarily because the salaries are great and there is no personal income tax.

As an added bonus, the weather is sublime, there is no crime, and the lifestyle is easy.

Some companies provide a cash allowance to spend on rent, some let you choose a property and then they liaise directly with the landlord and make the payment on your behalf, and some companies provide staff accommodation on a compound.

Real Estate Agents The general standard of healthcare in Oman is high, both in the public and private sectors.

The main areas are Muscat, Mutrah, Ruwi, Wattayah, Qurm, Shatti Al Qurm, Madinat Sultan Qaboos (MSQ), Al Khuwayr, Ghubbrah, Azaibah and Seeb.

If you are arriving in Oman on a full expat package then accommodation is usually included in your employment contract.

After paying with a credit card, you print the confirmation and receipt, and present these papers to the entry port in either country. If you have sponsorship from an Oman entity, make sure they fax you a copy of the visa before the flight.

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