Exudating wound

Recommend washing hands with warm water and soap before and after dressing change.

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The growth of new cells requires moisture to divide and migrate.

Exudate or the moisture that naturally seeps from a wound site, serves as a transport medium for a variety of enzymes, growth factor molecules and hormones.

If sticking occurs, rewet and saturate the Silverlon dressing with sterile water or saline, waiting until it can easily be removed.

If problems occur, including swelling, severe redness or sharply increased pain, contact your physician.

In the United States, collagenase ointment is commonly used for this function.

SANTYL is the most popular collagenase topical ointment with the active ingredient collagenase clostridum hystoliticum. Non-selective debridement removes necrotic tissue and adjoining living tissue.

Enzymatic debridement uses chemical agents to break down necrotic tissue.

This is usually accomplished with an enzymatic wound application.

Best selling dressings that provide autolytic debridement include foams, hydrogel, hydrocolloids, alginates and transparent film.

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