Facetime with mature women

“I was effectively conned into becoming the lover of a married man.

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Clare fell for the handsome love rat after he convinced her that his marriage was over.

She said: “I never thought that I would become a mistress — I hate the idea of taking another woman’s husband.

“I think married men often search for women who seem vulnerable, because this makes them more susceptible to their charm.

“Often they are going through a period of stress or even depression, and feel they need to bring excitement into their life.” She continued: “I have made a promise to myself, I will never be a mistress again, as my relationship with a married man ended very badly and left me both depressed and ill, with my self-confidence shattered.

“At the time I was lonely and vulnerable, having just come out of a relationship. “I was shocked to hear he was married, with two young children who were three and five at the time, as he was so flirtatious. “He spent £3,000 on me in one night when we went to an expensive lap-dancing club which I hated.

“But I was being swept off my feet, and I fell in love with him.

“It put me off men and dating for over a year, and I am only just dipping my toe in the water again — and isn’t going to be with a married man.

“As someone that knows, I have a list of tips so women in relationships can look at to see if their man is cheating.

LIPSTICK on his collar is now old-hat when it comes to spotting a clue that your man is having an affair — instead, keep an eye on his music downloads.

Former mistress Clare Oke-Smith reckons a sudden change in favourite bands is one of the textbook new red flags.

“I lived for his visits and our talks late into the night.” But Clare’s affair came crashing down a year after it began. “She asked if I was Clare — I knew who it was straight away.

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