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One measure of rejection asks children to list peers they like and dislike.

Rejected children receive few "like" nominations and many "dislike" nominations.

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Peer rejection has been measured using sociometry and other rating methods.

Studies typically show that some children are popular, receiving generally high ratings, many children are in the middle, with moderate ratings, and a minority of children are rejected, showing generally low ratings.

A person can be rejected by individuals or an entire group of people.

Furthermore, rejection can be either active, by bullying, teasing, or ridiculing, or passive, by ignoring a person, or giving the "silent treatment".

Rejection by an entire group of people can have especially negative effects, particularly when it results in social isolation.

Rejection may be emotionally painful because of the social nature of human beings and the need of social interaction between other humans is essential.

People need both stable relationships and satisfying interactions with the people in those relationships.

If either of these two ingredients is missing, people will begin to feel lonely and unhappy.

Children who are at risk for rejection are more likely to barge in disruptively, or hang back without joining at all.

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