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A TAKE ME OUT girl has spilled some of the secrets from behind-the-scenes of the Saturday night show to the Sun Online.Model Mollie Campsie, 25, from Buckinghamshire revealed girls are given a "character" on the show but the long filming days were some of the best of her life.“You forget the cameras are on you when he’s talking straight to you!

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” And Mollie claims host Paddy Mc Guinness was a highlight of the experience.

“He was genuinely such a professional and made me feel totally at ease.

“One tweet read ‘It looks like Mollie would prefer to go to Nandos rather than the Isle of Fernandos!

’ "Luckily I saw the funny side and I’m a plus size model now and involved in body positive activist… “I would go to clubs at uni and people would ask for pictures and to sign their bare chests.

“The next day I found out I had a horse carriage ride and a picnic with Olly planned. It was a fun activity but the company wasn’t that great.

He was a nice enough guy but zero chemistry and just completely worlds apart.” The pair left Fernandos as Facebook friends and nothing more, and now Mollie said she enjoys “regular updates about Young Farmers, cows, udders etc.” Freshly tanned, waxed and moisturised.

It made the experience last a whole lot longer and was genuinely the best time of my life!

So much fun.” She may not have found love, but Mollie said the friendship between the girls was incredible. “Her and I were inseparable and I cried when she boarded her plane.

Mollie added: “They were very fair when one day I decided I was too covered up and they let me change.

“However some girls were told exactly what to wear and one girl even cried because she hated it so much.” Despite much speculation that girls are given phrases to say or the one-liners are staged, Mollie insisted that the format is spontaneous - and she confirmed the boys really are on lockdown before coming down the lift.

She said: “We were told when and how many times our buzzers were pressed and warned that we could be refreshed if we weren’t pressing it enough. “We were always made aware of our stats and I did get a bit of a telling off once.

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