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They will pick you up at your hotel, bring you to their club, then take you back to your hotel when you want to leave.The clubs all have multiple limos so there’s often no wait. A few things to keep in in mind if you use these services: 1) If you call a club and request this service, make sure you specify exactly what you will receive. Will you and anyone else coming with you get free admission to the club?

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(Skip straight to Free Limo Deals.) One of the benefits of the Vegas Taxi Shakedowns is that many of the strip clubs have cranked up their private limo/shuttle services for customers.

Long before the height of the battle, the clubs realized that it would be much more cost efficient for them to provide their own transportation for customers than paying cabbies or casino limo drivers $100 a head for delivering customers.

(The club will usually charge a two-drink cover at the door after 8 pm.) Call: 702-642-2984 (Club review / Club website) For guys going to Palomino Club solo, call 702-642-2984 and ask for the Flying Solo package ($60).

This includes free round-trip limo transport, free admission, a line pass, and three drinks (guaranteed available Sun – Thurs, ask about Fri & Sat availability).

There is a reservation fee for the limo, but it’s waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or a bottle (a no-brainer).

Call: 1.702.869.0003 You can also get free admission, free limo transport, a line pass, a reserved VIP table and host service at the most elegant strip club in town by purchasing a VIP package for the cost of a few drinks.

Here, you have a huge range of girls who deliver every time. Ultimately, all that’s necessary is to ask and ‘thou shalt receive.’ [click to continue…] This is a very frequent question, one that I see being asked on a lot of forums out there. One answer I see a lot is “Try each one and see if it works for you”.

While that might be a valid point to consider it’s pretty exhausting to put into practice, especially If you want to work as an independent model.

But you can get free admission, plus a free drink, if you arrive by the free club limo.

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