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I was paranoid, but more excited, I had been dating super hot white girls in Ukraine, but now it was time for some Arab women. Coming from Ukraine, where it seems there are more women in the street than men, it was a shock. At first I thought she was talking to me, but I looked over my shoulder and saw she was talking to the guys sitting behind us. “They kept staring and looking at me weird.” Was this girl just a bitch or do girls have to be bitches to get guys to leave them alone in Turkey? Afterwards, I made the excuse that I needed to check something on my computer and that my (Airbnb) apartment was really close. Getting back to my apartment, I found out I had read the situation correctly.I showed up twenty minutes late to the square and found my date telling off a local guy. This 21 year old Turkish girl was hot, just as hot as her pictures. Then, seeing the Syrian refugee families in the street begging for money, also made me realize I wasn’t in comfy Ukraine anymore. The guys took the tongue lashing and went back to their drinks. It wasn’t long before her clothes were off and I was fucking this hot Turkish girl.

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We said our goodbyes and I went for the kiss I knew I would get. “Next time we will watch a movie at my place.” “Ok,” she agreed and we parted ways. She was another girl with a nice face, but unlike the other girl who had a beautiful bitch face, this girl had a beautiful good girl face.

While I loved her look, I guessed this girl would be a virgin and very difficult to sleep with…

The date was interesting/more boring because she was studying English and still wasn’t at a very high level. I wanted to close her, but there was a big problem. My next date was with a Persian girl (Iranian) who was simply hotter than this girl.

Most of our conversation was done with Google Translate. “I have to go, but we can meet again another day,” I told her.

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She told me about a few of the drugs that she had tried and we had some interesting conversations about sex.

She admitted she had only lost her virginity last year, but since that time she had sure been enjoying herself.

but, fortunately, things are not always as they would seem.

We went and got a drink together and talked and talked.

While we chatted I learned that this Muslim raised girl was not the angel that her persona seemed to imply.

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