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From that point on vending around the country has been a staple of our business, because it allows our customers to see and feel our products first hand.In 1999 we changed the name of our store to Midnight Blue's because our product line was changing and we were focusing on our own quality line of products.

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We stocked 300 to 400 whips at an given time and had exclusive marketing agreements with many of the world's top whip makers.

In 2000 we began selling rubber products on e Bay and by 2003 our rubber sales had equaled our whips sales.

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In 1995 we started our first store, Midnight Blue's Toys.

We began selling at private parties and in 1996 we attended and vended at our first leather event, Beat Me In St Louis.

is one of the Internet's largest retail latex stores.

We began selling latex toys on e Bay in 2000 and opened The Latex Store in 2004.

In 2002 we opened our first Midnight Blue's web store.

In 2004 we opened The Latex Store and changed the name of our parent company from MB Enterprises to MBE International LLC.

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