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BY COLIN MIXSON | A historic fireboat that assisted emergency workers during the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks has gotten a trippy new paint job inspired by an oddball camouflage scheme that was popular on the high seas during World War I. Harvey’s razzle dazzle paint job — a Public Art Fund exhibition dubbed “Flow Separation” by its creator, artist Tauba Auerbach — combines the waterborne fire engine’s normal red-and-white color scheme with the flowing, geometric patterns that the British Royal Navy once used in an attempt to evade German submarines during the Great War. To reserve tickets for the free harbor tours, visit Public Art British marine artist Norman Wilkinson’s disjointed shape and color scheme was meant to confuse torpedo gunners.British marine artist Norman Wilkinson designed the unique form of camouflage not to hide from German U-boats, but rather to confuse torpedo gunners with the profusion of disjointed shapes and colors. But it wasn’t the game changer he hoped it would be — “dazzle” ships were sunk about as often as regular ones, and the striking paint job fell out of favor.


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The fireboat will retain its Great War-inspired paint job until mid-May 2019, after which its classic FDNY colors will be restored.

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