Great lds dating ideas

Well, we like to take it to an EXTREME level at our house and hide the spoons in the room.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading that post HERE, because dating a variety of people in groups as casual friends is not the "norm" in many areas, so this can be a tough issue for many LDS youth.

My post "4 Group Date Ideas for LDS Teens" has some great ideas for helping youth to date according to the standards that the living Prophets have set, and here are some more....

Look in your cupboards for leftover stuff like coconut, sprinkles, candy, pretzels, nuts, etc that could be used in a cookie) This date idea can be done indoors, but it would be really fun to do outdoors (especially in the snow).

Basically, you just need someone to hide the candy canes, and whichever pair finds the most candy canes wins!

When the cookies were done, they had us judge the final products.

Then they all walked 2 blocks away to a relative's house and had them test out the cookies, too." The link below has a list of 50 silly questions that are kid friendly (though not everyone will necessarily consider all of them date-friendly - there are multiple questions about poop.You should definitely pre-screen the questions and take out any that you don't want to answer during the date).So, you could get lucky with landing or ranch or really un-lucky with landing on chocolate syrup.Actually, the kids thought the dill relish was the worst of all.We got this idea from watching the TV show "Community" (the students at a community college make a giant blanket fort on campus). The youth spent about 30 minutes assembling the fort, then played board games inside.

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