Interracial dating crimes

That is, when I meet another black person, I don’t assume that we have a love of soul food or impressive vertical leaps in common.

All I take for granted is that we share the social experience of being black, allowing that even that connective thread can be a thin one when gender, class, family structure, geography, and education level (among so many defining others) are taken into account.

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It would be forgivable to mistake my awareness of difference as a hackneyed, futile grasping at post-racialism.

Post-racialism prizes colorblindness and treats racism as an evil Tinkerbell that will vanish without a trace if we deny its existence.

The widely discredited notion that physical differences between skin, hair, and bone portend immutable differences in ability, character, and judgment is one of racism’s most resilient fictions, and framing a romance as “interracial” does more to reinscribe this fiction than to challenge it.

Interracial lovers are no remedy to racial strife, particularly if they enter such relationships with overblown perceptions of the boundaries they’re transgressing.

In my professor’s formulation, the different categories that the two parties belong to guarantees their incompatibility; there’s a natural disharmony.

If we assume that my professor doesn’t actually suppose that ichthyoids reach a point where they want to pick out curtains, it’s not hard to imagine that all the categories of human difference—race, class, religious affiliation, ability, etc.—are the assumed stand-ins for birds and fish.Attending black church services or events sponsored by the National Association of Black Journalists, I have noted the broad spectrum of differences in national identity, language, faith, color, cuisine, and moral outlook.Blackness as a banner heading comfortably houses all these variables of identity because among the descendants of slaves (and even those whose lineage may be traced elsewhere, but are presumed African American on the basis of their complexion), race is a traditional axis for consolidating political capital.Interracial dating is maybe not quite a case of distinction without difference, but it is at the very least a case of distinction with overdetermined difference.To begin with, I tend to think of racial differences as definitely sociological, only possibly (but not certainly) cultural, and speciously biological.The humanity of people of color is manifestly clear, so when it comes to the validation of prejudice, the burden of proof is on racists.

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