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And, the dispute has gotten so volatile that an interaction between the men’s wives became physical.Video of the incident shows Sonja Jackson clearing her yard using a leaf-blower.

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According to them, Resnicow has now declared war on them.

The fellow residents say on April 29, Resnicow confronted one of them in the lobby with what looked like 2 harpoons ... It appears they were actually log rollers, which look like harpoons.

According to legal docs, the residents say Resnicow physically intimidated them with the log rollers ... Other neighbors apparently came down and tried to calm Resnicow, to no avail.

The residents say they were all threatened in the lobby.

However, she claims she and her husband backed off on building the fence when Cal Johnston promised to take better care of his garden.

As “nice neighbours,” Sonja Jackson said, they agreed to return all the materials for the fence.

Airdrie authorities say there are no regulations on home surveillance.

Calgary police say residents are permitted to install cameras wherever homeowners want to, but it can’t shoot directly into someone’s window or front door. They have contacted police and the city of Airdrie multiple times.

The fight escalated when the Johnstons accused the Jacksons of pointing one of their security cameras right into their master bedroom window.

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