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But the future still holds challenges that will require faith in order for Jehovah’s Witnesses to come off victorious in the face of Satan’s attack.

Today we are on the brink of the destruction of this system of things. As this “time of the end” moves rapidly to its climax, God’s people could be placed in situations where the way out is not clear. From a Roman prison Paul wrote a letter to a congregation of fellow believers in Philippi.

(a) Are we to undergo trials never before experienced by God’s people? (b) What assurance does the Bible give concerning temptation?

With such questions in mind what an encouraging answer we have from the apostle Paul!

This believing by the faithful ones has been rewarded.

Their confidence was not in vain, and millions today now recognize this. What will occur in the future that will require faith?

Neither let us put Jehovah to the test, as some of them put him to the test, only to perish by the serpents.

Neither be murmurers, just as some of them murmured, only to perish by the destroyer.” He said that those things happened as an example to Christians, and he warned against the folly of thinking that ‘it could never happen to me.’ He then made a statement that was to prove to be one of the most encouraging, faith-strengthening thoughts in the Bible.

For all things I have the strength by virtue of him who imparts power to me.”​—Phil. For many of Jehovah’s people, the way He provides for them in time of need is something that they have yet to experience. For forty years they have been wandering in the wilderness and now at last it is God’s time for them to move in and capture from their enemies a land that rightfully belongs to them. We should wait a few weeks until the water level goes down.

Regarding this secret the apostle Paul’s life gives us insight. not destroyed.” Also read Second Corinthians -27: “By Jews I five times received forty strokes less one, three times I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned, three times I experienced shipwreck, a night and a day I have spent in the deep; in journeys often, in dangers from rivers, in dangers from highwaymen, in dangers from my own race, in dangers from the nations, in dangers in the city, in dangers in the wilderness, in dangers at sea, in dangers among false brothers, in labor and toil, in sleepless nights often, in hunger and thirst, in abstinence from food many times, in cold and nakedness.” Surely, here was a man who often had good cause to wonder how he was going to make it through to the next day. One who quits when the going gets rough or when the way out is not clear may never see for himself just how God strengthens and provides in time of need and makes the way out of a seemingly hopeless situation. the Promised Land, as recorded in Joshua chapters 3 and 4. But how are some three million men, women and children, along with animals and supplies, going to cross the Jordan at the time when melting snows and spring rain turn the Jordan into a flooding torrent? We would hate to see some of our tents, animals or young ones swept downstream trying to cross under these “impossible” conditions.

Writing to a congregation of fellow believers he reviewed things that proved to be a downfall to many of the Israelites.

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