Jill scott interracial dating interview

Know I get a better understanding as to what shes implying! This is not the typical black Woman bashing IR dating.

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And yes, as a Black Woman I do experience that "wince." Am I a hater, or racist because of it. I agree that we should heated debates/discussions about this instead of rants.

Just like there are a lot of BW who go to "you hate yourself"/ "sellout" there are as much BM who say "BW are fat/ugly/yada yada. I'm all for love (except when it doesn't involve someone who looks like me)!!! Bello you are so wise you could eaisly be one of our young future leaders You are right in that video Jill Scott got a chance to really express herselfin a way that everybody can eaisly understand1.

The column did indeed cause a small controversy when it first came out, however, it’s important to look beyond the scandal then and the (manufactured) one now and see that it is actually a very thoughtful piece.

If you read past the provocative quote that Drudge tweeted, you’ll see that Scott is actually analyzing the internal conflict she has between being raised to view everyone as equal despite the color of their skin and the subconscious discomfort she feels seeing a successful black man dating a white woman.

In that way, Scott’s supposed racism in making these comments is about as real as Shirley Sherrod’s.

Even though I love to hear ur opinion, it gives me a perspective on u of how "dumb" some white people really are..

From Mediaite A short while ago, Drudge Report tweeted out this quote: “When my friend told me his wife was Caucasian, I felt my spirit wince.” Intrigued, I clicked the accompanying link to find a column the singer Jill Scott wrote for Essence about her feelings on interracial dating posted in March of 2010.

At first, I wondered why on earth Drudge Report was interested in a year old column by a singer.

And it's understandable Like Jill Scott say Black men use to get hung just for looking at a white woman, Emmett Till was killed just for whistling at a white woman.

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