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JA Social II also features Joomla CCK component - K2.

With T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3 at core, JA Social II is friendly and easy to customize.

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Moreover, JA Social II is not only a social media Joomla template but also a multipurpose responsive Joomla template.

The template's custom styles and layouts allow you to create a beautiful layout with the power of Jooml Art Advanced Custom Modules extension.

Sidebar left / right, horizontal inline above and/or below content, a fly in panel and the mobile positioning are the default options.

Easily defined shortcodes can be used to place the buttons on any other position.

What I’ve notice is that if I upload a picture to that directoy and try to go straight to it is fine but if I try to go to the it can’t find it.

/modules/mod_je_social/images/powered_= works /modules/mod_je_social/images/= does not work You have published the module on a position that is hidden on mobile view.

To attract attention of your website visitors, only one position containing social buttons is visible at a time.

So, if a visitor scrolls the page and the inline position becomes visible the mobile position is hidden (animated).

This is restricted by your template and not by the module.

In your template, in the file at line 7334, you can find this code: .uk-visible-large This is what hides the module on a smaller screen resolution.

Thanks Giovanni Took a look to your website and it looks like the social icon image was uploaded to the server, but for some reason this is not rendered and it is show as a non-found file.

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