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Being so nervous, Alex realized he forgot a blanket and they had to sit on the ledge of the fountain. With their other long time friend, Megan, they experienced many fun times.

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They went through break ups together, eating tacos on the beach (14 Tacos!

), and enjoying the company of friends that were always over.

They comforted each other during losses and illnesses, trying to always put the others needs first. Jessica and Jasmine have known each other since they were babies!

On December 21st, 2016, Alex surprised Jasmine with a bouquet of roses, and a pretty purple dress. Jasmine originally was best friends with Jessica's older brother, Cameron, but as they got older, Jasmine began to spend more time with Jessica.

Alex kept looking at the map and seemed incredibly irritated that it was a "free day" because it was extremely crowded. When Jasmine moved to Los Angeles, the two promised to never stop being best friends.

Finally, Alex took Jasmine to a secluded area where a bench was surrounded by greenery and flowers. They've gone on many adventures together from a New Years trip to London to just staying up all night laughing hysterically. Being the youngest of 14 kids, Leah is only 4 years older than Jasmine.

Versatile Canadian-Australian talent who has worked as a musician, animator, gamer, actor, and singer-songwriter.

He is best known for his You Tube channel Dan Sweeto, which has accumulated over 800,000 subscribers.

Though she lives in Colorado, they still talk and share a love of cats, dinosaurs, and tacos.

Lindsay and Jasmine met when she started attending church with her then boyfriend, Michael Brooker.

Michael and Jasmine were already becoming friends and when he started to bring Lindsay, they instantly clicked.

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