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In 1996, Kinokuniya launched its first bookstore in Australia, located in Sydney’s Neutral Bay suburb.

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Dom Kino stands out for its careful movie selection: it avoids mainstream films and focuses mainly on art movies, like the winners of prestigious international festivals.

Every now and then, the cinema organizes retrospective projections of famous directors or events like German, French, Chinese cinema weeks.

In 1964, the bookstore’s headquarters was established in Shinjuku (the current Shinjuku Main Store Building), consisting of nine stories and had two underground floors.

Kinokuniya continued to aggressively develop large-scale bookstores in major Japanese cities based on the corporate philosophy of providing customers with a wide variety of books and magazines.

But when a mysterious entity transforms her classmates into demons and besieges the school, it’s up to her to transform into Mysterious Bishoujo Gun Fighter Rider Kino and bring peace back to the city!

Accompanied by Hermes the talking cell phone strap, Samoyed Mask the handsome but highly incompetent self-proclaimed protector, and the ever-mysterious Detective Wanwan, Kino sets out to conquer every restaurant in town and maybe save the world if she has time to spare.

The store was burnt down in May 1945 during an air raid, but later re-opened in December 1945 and was incorporated in 1946.

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