Liquidating an annuity

The number and quality of sub-account funds available within the contract will vary from one carrier to another; some variable products offer a much wider array of sub-accounts than others, and not all sub-accounts are equal, just as some funds are superior to others.

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Beneficiaries can withdraw funds by using one of six methods: Fixed, indexed, and variable annuities all get taxed the same way.

Any growth in the contract is taxable, and getting your principal back is not.

Dollar-Cost Averaging Most modern variable annuity products also provide dollar-cost averaging, which can enhance investment returns and minimize volatility.

Many carriers have used DCA programs as a sales tool to entice new investors.

For example, Allianz Life offers the Davis New York Venture fund inside its variable annuity products.

However, investors who choose to invest in this sub-account are technically investing in a separate security, not the fund offered directly by Davis Funds with the ticker symbol NYVTX that may be purchased on its own.

Annuities are among the oldest investment options – in fact they have centuries of history.

Especially over the past century, fixed income annuity contracts have gained popularity with conservative investors as a safe means of growing their money on a tax-deferred basis.

Exemptions Like fixed and indexed annuities, variable contracts are exempt from probate nationwide and also from most creditors in most states.

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